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Below are some of my videos on YouTube.  They're in order of the newest first.  Below the videos, you'll find our video Playlists that will help categorize the videos for you.  Just click the link and browse the wide range of video playlists we have available.

Our Video Playlists
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My Most Popular Videos

This list is some of my most popular videos on YouTube based on views.

Taping New Drywall part 1 tn1C.jpg

Taping & Mudding Drywall School

These videos are focused on Taping and finishing new drywall.

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My Pro Mudding Tips

This list is some of my most popular videos on YouTube based on views.

V42 Large Hole repair still 3 with title

All My Playlists

All our Drywall Playlists including Drywall Textures, Repairing Drywall, etc

Stud finder secret TN1.jpg

Stud Finder Playlist

In this playlist I show why many times a stud finder isn't failing, it's operator error.  Plus I demonstrate various models

Tape measure tricks thumbnail 2.jpg

Home Improvement Playlists

Videos like Tool Reviews, Handy Tips & Tricks, Home Improvement Projects, & More.

skim coating a ceiling tn2.jpg

Skim Coating Videos

I'll show you several different methods of skim coating, and why so

Popcorn removal video 1 TN 9.22.19 B.jpg

Popcorn Ceiling Videos

I'll teach you how to remove it in various ways, the pros and cons and how to handle Asbestos

paint with primer thumbnail.png

Painting Tips & Reviews Playlists

Videos like a test of Paint With Primer, how to get super sharp paint lines and more.