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Welcome to our

Investment Opportunity

Thank you for checking out our Investor Page

Hello, I am building a multi million dollar business - and looking for investors only to be able to achieve that growth faster.  I can do it part time, but with an investment, we can accomplish this faster.


About Me

I'm a 7 year USAF veteran with over 30 years construction experience and I have a fast growing YouTube channel. But first, a little more about me.  I have been an entrepreneur much of my life. I spent 7 years in the USAF, graduating at the top of my class in Electronic Warfare with about a 94% average after 2,500 test questions.  This was the hardest career I could find in the USAF as I wanted to challenge myself, and it was 9 months of intensive training studying AC/DC circuits in depth, Radar, Communications, Chaff and flare systems, computers down to the 1s and 0s level, and much more.

In 2006 I authored a book about biodiesel which I self published for about a year, at which point a publishing company contacted me on their own wanting to publish my book.  It's now available in all bookstores and Amazon, titled Do it Yourself Guide to Biodiesel.  I offered a free biodiesel course online using a stripped down version of my book and that helped us to sell books and biodiesel processors.  We put roughly 30,000 people through that free course and when I closed it I sent out one last blast email promoting ebooks for solar power and hydrogen power.  We made $1,600.00 in that ONE email. The list was basically dead though so we closed it after a few more emails, but that helped me learn another way to earn money from the internet.


I also manufactured the equipment to make Biodiesel for the small scale producer and even sold systems to the Air Force Academy, numerous schools, companies in Tanzania Africa etc.  We closed the business after 6 years due to low fuel prices and a sluggish economy causing sales to drop to extremely low levels.  


I then restarted my Drywall business, and ran that for 15 years total, but in September of 2018 I was hit with a severe vertigo attack, which hospitalized me for 3 days. More about that below.


But in 2015 I learned how money was made on Youtube and decided to create YouTube videos to help people learn how to tackle their own home improvement projects after watching numerous videos which were showing poor methods.  It wasn't until mid 2018 that we were really able to begin producing videos on a regular basis.  Since that time we have launched a website, social media sites, a T-shirt line, and we give away free guides in exchange for viewers email addresses, allowing us to further market to them.  Plus we are an Amazon Influencer and have sold over $20,000.00 worth of items for Amazon, so that is building into a nice income.


We currently have 17,600 subscribers and are gaining over 1,000 new subscribers a month, and that rate is increasing quickly.  We have had nearly 2 Million views and get roughly 95% thumbs up, with tons of positive comments.  My channel sees about 80,000+ unique viewers a month which gives us a huge base to market to, and we are still small, so that will grow to much larger numbers.  But we are looking to go full time immediately because of the huge potential of this business, because of my vertigo, and because we have many plans for additional revenue streams that we can't implement quick enough doing this part time.  I'll outline some of those later. 


And as I stated, we have been profitable, and that number is growing nicely as well also, but we have plans to expand our income stream in numerous ways as I'll outline in a minute.  Below is a screenshot of our channel analytics which shows our last 365 days of income earned, which also shows the income growth.  Keep in mind that all YouTube channels start out slow and grow exponentially due to the multiple reasons.  Basically, when you first start out YouTube will only show your video to a very very small amount of viewers, if any.  And without that, you grow very slowly.  It requires diligent efforts to self promote via social media and other ways until you gain a few subscribers, and video engagement.  Then slowly once your videos show some popularity Youtube will show you slightly more and gauge the engagement of your viewers.  As you gain more and more subscribers, likes, comments, shares, etc, they show you more and more and you keep growing faster and faster.  We're now gaining over 1000 subscribers a month and that number is growing every day.

Here is what Social Blade, a social media analyzing site predicts for our channel.  And this is with current growth, which has been accomplished just part time.  I can triple the work I put into the channel if I go full time, so the growth will be much faster, and stronger than their predictions because they can't know that.

A how to channel can't make that much money on Youtube, right?

WRONG. Here's one report from social blade on See Jane Drill, who has a successful DIY channel. They estimate $100,000 income JUST from YouTube, and I can tell you it should be DOUBLE that because the cpm they allowed me to put in is half what I make, and I'm sure she makes about the same, or more. CPM is what the advertisers pay per mil, or thousand views. So I know that may be confusing, but I can guarantee she probably makes 3-4 times that because it doesn't include her Amazon earnings, merchandise sales, ebook sales, etc. I actually spoke with her on the phone recently and we are going to do a video together, but she can't consider it until her contract with a big box sponsor runs out. Hint, that sponsorship alone probably makes her a ton. I feel I can outdo most on youtube as most just put up videos and maybe an amazon store.


I already have a website, an Amazon influencer page, an email list I'm building constantly, a lot of social media sites, a blog, facebook page, and more. I CAN do this, I just need an investor to believe in the potential for this business to make it happen faster.  I have an urgency since my permanent vertigo is making it very difficult to do construction anymore, but I can do youtube videos as they don't affect me the same.

I own and operate a small drywall repair business called Mr Patch Drywall LLC, where we specialized in smaller drywall jobs such as repairs and remodels.  We've maintained a very high rating on google, Angies list, Facebook etc.  But 5 months ago I was hospitalized with extreme Vertigo for 3 days.  It required an Ambulance ride and a half day visit to the ER.  I have since been told I have Permanent Vestibular Nerve damage on one side and may have vertigo forever due to that.  I can still function, but it has restricted me from doing some of the larger jobs I used to take on.  My wife is also self employed and has an SSI income, so we are surviving, but the need to go full time with this business is even more important now.  I can handle doing the YouTube videos, editing etc just fine with my vertigo, so it's a perfect fit.  And honestly, I love doing them as I love helping others, teaching them how to do their own work and to give them pride in what they are doing as well as saving money. So this is why we are seeking investors, to go full time immediately instead of building it slowly part time.


Additional Income Streams

Many people don't understand how you truly make money as a YouTube Creator, so let me explain.  First off, as many know, you share in the income YouTube makes off their ads.  If they make money on an ad on your video, they split it with you.  In the beginning this can be the primary source of income.  But it's important to diversify your income stream, and there are many other ways to add onto that as you go.  


Amazon Affiliate Marketing


We just recently became eligible to become an Amazon Influencer, meaning we were invited to open a store in our YouTube channel name because we reached a level that told Amazon we were a serious channel.  This allows us to make a small commission on EVERYTHING  we help sell through our links, even if we didn't recommend it. We expect this income to increase greatly in the future as we now favor videos that allow us to recommend items to sell, plus we now mention the store in all our videos, something we didn't do on the first 90% of our videos.  This could be a very large source of income in the future.  There are many people making 10s of thousands, and even 6 figure incomes, just off Amazon.


Another source of income will be our Patreon page, which is where our fans can go to subscribe and pay a monthly amount from $1.00 a month to $50 a month or more.  This is new and will grow substantially as our fan base grows but we already have 19 fans there.  We will also use this to encourage those with more complex questions to pay for assistance, as shown here.

Sponsorship and Brand Deals

As a channel grows, we get the possibility of entering into sponsorships, brand deals, etc.  We have had several small companies send us free tools to review, but recently we have entered into a deal to review a brand new to the market small tool, that is produced by a subsidiary of the large tool company, Milwaukee tools.  As part of the deal they are sending us a free $320 tool, that is ours to keep just for doing this review.  This is a common way of earning additional income as I can sell the tools for income.  We have seen YouTube creators receive some very expensive items, free, for doing reviews.  Plus, we will often get paid to do a sponsored video, where we mention the sponsor in a short portion of the video.  This can pay in the thousands of dollars per video.  Other creators have gained sponsors for an entire year, one month, or just one video.  Sometimes they pay per sale you make, etc, so there's many ways to make money from sponsorships.

Training Courses

A potentially MUCH LARGER SOURCE OF INCOME will be a big part of what the funds raised here will be used for.  We plan to produce training courses that users pay for.  Why would they pay for it when they can view it for free on YouTube?  There's numerous reasons such as these.

  1.  When producing videos on youtube we often focus our videos on one narrow concept at a time.  This means that they may need to watch a dozen videos to learn the whole process they are doing, and that can be difficult to even find them all from the same creator.  A training series will have all the video steps they need, in one organized fashion, all on one video.

  2. It's a known fact that many viewers will simply skip right to the action part of the video and others will watch the whole video. Those that watch the entire video are most often there to learn the skill in detail and to understand why they should do what we teach them.  Those who skip to the action, just want to watch someone do that action.  Our paid courses are for those who to learn the skills in full detail.  Those who skip to the action in our free videos just want to see how we do it.  On Youtube, to keep the videos from getting too long, we often leave out details that would be helpful to the viewers.  

  3. Our paid video course will also have daily skills they have to practice. 

  4. We will also include printable instruction sheets, illustrations, etc.  We will have may of the illustrations professionally done.  There will be a lot of training materials, tools lists they need, etc.

  5. Depending on the course they take, I may be available for one on one training via skype, phone call, etc.  I will be available for everyone via chat rooms, email etc.  The more expensive levels will get quicker help, and I'll spend more time with them.

  6. I'll also have bonus videos at the end of sections of the training which will highlight what they've learned, how to further their skills with additional practice, hiring on with a contractor for awhile, etc.

I will provide more details of these courses ONLY to those Investors willing to sign a non compete confidentiality agreement.  But the plans may astound you, unless you are already doing the same thing with your channel.  Keep in mind that we get over 100,000 individual viewers on our channel, each month, and we are growing quickly.  That's 100,000 potential customers, each month.  Over 90% of those views are NOT subscribers, meaning we are reaching around 90,000 new viewers each month.

These are just our current plans.  Additional income stream opportunities will come up as we go.  Often successful creators are asked to do speaking and training engagements, get paid to put their name on merchandise, and many other sources of income.  It is not at all uncommon for many things to be given to creators such as travel, lodging, tools, and more.


I have plans to write several ebooks and offer them for sale.  One in progress will help novices choose the right tools for the job, and to understand drywall materials better.  Another youtube creator who has been on YouTube for many years once made over $10,000.00 per month, with just 3,000 subscribers, mostly by selling related ebooks he wrote.  So this is a huge potential source of income.

Email List

Another great source of income is to build an email list of customers.  We have just started this list recently and will eventually have 50,000 or more on our list.  I once wrote a book titled Do it Yourself Guide to Biodiesel and created a free biodiesel course based on my book.  I stripped the book down but left enough to teach them what biodiesel was, and we used this to sell more of my books, and our biodiesel processors which we manufactured at the time.  Over the course of about 2-3 years we put roughly 20,000 people through that course.  When we decided to get out of that business we sent out one last email with affiliate links to an ebook for How to Build your own solar system and hydrogen generator.  We profited $1,600.00 in that ONE email, without having to do anything after sending out the email.  So I understand how to use an email list to make money.  We currently build the list by giving away 2 free guides which they get by signing up with their email.


$30,000 Startup Costs

The money we are seeking will be used to develop the training courses above.  I will split up the money use roughly as follows-


  • $5,000 in new camera and lighting gear and some accessories

  • $9,000 paid help over the course of 4 months.  This includes video assistants, and video editors as I will be hiring others to edit all videos in order to be able to put out more videos for the courses and for the channel itself

  • $16,000 for operating costs to include construction of a new studio backdrop where we shoot all videos including the training videos in our commercial building we have rented.  The backdrop will be built to allow us to video as many different things as possible for the training course and future YouTube videos.


We have most of the camera gear, lighting etc that we need, but there are some areas we would like to upgrade, add on to, etc.  The additional income will be used to cover normal operation expenses for about 4 months.  By going full time, we can accelerate the income streams and feel that we can be 100% profitable within 3-5 months. 


AND, in the future, my wife will be starting her own channel teaching people how to do alterations, which could be highly profitable itself.  And she and our daughter will do all the video work, so it won't take away from my channel.

Repayment Terms

We are open to altering the ideas here, but this is what we are proposing. 

There would be a 60 day grace period, after which we would begin repayment of the loan 30 days after the expiration of the grace period.  We would pay the loan back at a rate of 15% APR.  We would pay back the loan over a 3 year period, with the option of early repayment with no penalties.  Whenever we make the final payment we would also pay a bonus amount of 30% of the Profit made in the previous month, that our That Kilted Guy Video Productions LLC business is making.  This would be split up among the investors at a rate proportionate to the the amount of your original investment. 


So here's an example.  If we have one person loan us the entire amount, the 1st payment would be due 30 days after the 60 day grace period.  Then there would be 36 payments due in the amount of roughly $1,040, unless we pay it off early.  When we pay off the loan and assuming the business is profiting $30,000 a month, which is entirely possible.  We would split that with you so you would receive a bonus payoff of $9,000 in this hypothetical scenario. 


There are thousands of YouTube creators earning thousands of dollars Per Day, and I'm 100% confident I will be highly successful within the 1st year due to my higher intelligence, dedication, hard work and continual education on this business.  My 2 year profit plans are to be earning a 6 figure income, per month.

Thank you for your consideration, and don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you have.  You can contact me via email using the form HERE.  If you would like to schedule a phone conversation, or in person meeting, let us know via the contact form and we will arrange something.



Guy Purcella

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