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NEW- We are now Amazon Influencers meaning we now have an official store ON Amazon.  By clicking the link below, you will be taken there.  I have put together several lists of items that I feel would be helpful to you in your projects, as well as a general gift list.  Note that yes, we are Amazon Affiliates and we do make a very small percentage off anything you buy there, BUT there is no extra markup and you'll pay the same price as you would without going through our store.  And this tiny amount will help us to put our more videos for you all and to help you with your projects.

Our Amazon Store Link

Thank you,

Guy Purcella

That Kilted Guy

Here's my suggested list of Simple Hand Tools you should look into buying if you are into doing your own drywall finishing or repairs.  


Beginner finishing tools- you need at least a 6" & 10" knife, and a mud pan.  Plus if you'll be putting on more than a few boxes of mud, a mixing paddle and drill.  I've included an affordable drill and paddle below.  If you need to sand much, you need a sanding pole, or power sander if you like dustfree, like me.  The Full Circle sander works with paint extension poles, which can be handy.  I own the Full circle sander, the pole sander and the porter cable, plus about 20 knives, lol.

Pros, or serious DIY finishing tools- All the above, but add a 12" knife, and having a full set like the Pro Grade set below is useful for finishing in vaulted ceiling angles, and other weird, non 90 degree locations.  

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Drywall Repairs- When doing repairs that require replacing sheetrock, you need to be able to cutout the rock, trim it, etc.  You will need a tape measure, saw, utility knife, Rasp (there's many gimmicky rasps, and MOST suck, go with my choice below.  The stanley is my favorite for the easy swapping of rasps) a screwgun or cordless drill with the right tip, and a tape measure.

Drywall Finishing Tools

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Drywall Hanging Tools

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