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about Me

Hello.  Thank you for asking for more information about me.  I'll try to keep it fairly short, but here you go.  I grew up in a family of 5 kids with a father who did drywall most of his life.  When I was about 8 we lived on a ranch in a rented house, but my dad was one of the biggest drywallers around and at one time employed about 50 workers and did many of the condos and homes in Vail, and surrounding areas.  So I've always spent time on jobs and remember walking on a pair of stilts when I was about 8 years old.  My dad told me to spot the nails on the apartments we were working on and I was too short to reach the screws that were just 6' off the ground.  So I got an early start in construction, lol.  Then, when I was about 14 he started making work for him all summer, and I was even hanging full 12' sheets with him on the ceiling, and man those seemed heavy back then.  Later, when I was old enough to drive he bought me a 1974 VW Bug and I worked off half of it doing drywall with him.  I would get out of school, drive to whatever job he was working on and work for a couple of hours, and then all summer.

When I graduated in 1979 I continued working for him until the economy in our area crashed so bad that ALL construction work shut down, due to oil.  So I ended up joining the USAF and graduated with Honors, at the top of my class in Electronic Warfare.  I ended up in the ANG and worked on A7 attack fighters servicing the radar jamming, and chaff and flare systems.  I served for 7 years and then got out.  During the time in the Guard, I did more drywall and began specializing in small patch and repair jobs. 








In 1995 I entered into a partnership with 2 others guys and ran a pawnshop for about 4 years.  I left that business and got back into construction starting my own business called Mr Patch Drywall LLC.  I specialized in small repairs and smaller drywall jobs like remodels, etc.  As a perfectionist and someone who appreciates efficiency and sculpted my craft and 20 years later I consider myself among the top 1% of all drywall repair guys.  There may be guys who can do new construction faster, but not better.  But I believe I can do small repairs faster and better than 99% of drywallers, and it's these skills and tricks that I want to pass on to you.

But there was a break in that time when I wrote a book called The Do it Yourself Guide to Biodiesel, which started out as a self published book, and then a publisher found me and wanted to publish it officially, so of course I said yes.

Air Force Guy 2.jpg
Biodiesel book powerpoint page.png
Large scale biodiesel processor.png

Writing the book led me to manufacturing the equipment that makes Biodiesel.  I only built smaller processors for individuals and small businesses, although I did venture into building one large system that could make 2,000+ gallons per day.  I custom built that one on site over the course of a week.  Here's a photo of that system.

Due to the wildly fluctuating nature of that business, I got back into construction. 

I'm also a car guy and own 2 streetrods.  One I bought in 1980 as my 2nd vehicle and and it was this 1954 Chevy truck shown here. In this photo I had recently had it painted and fixed up a bit with a small block Chevy, Muncie 4 speed, Power Steering, Tilt column, Diamond tucked velvet upholstery etc.  Now, 38 years later, it needs completely redone, but it is still driveable, somewhat, lol.

54 Chevy 5 Window Truck

My other project is one my father bought in 1985.  It's a 1927 model T with a 440 dodge motor, an automatic transmission, Ford 9" rear end, and more.  In this photo you can see the rear fenders I custom made out of fiberglass, and the paint job is one I did.  We worked on it together until 2007 when he passed away.  I now own it solely, but couldn't work on it for years after he passed.  Now I'm ready, but funds are too tight. 

I have another YouTube channel called That Kilted Guy Creates and I'm planning on featuring these 2 vehicles and vlogging about how they have evolved, all we've done, future projects, ride alongs, and more.  I plan to take the Model T to the dragstrip every now and then and video it going down the track, back in the pits, etc.  Are any of you into cool cars?  If so, let me know sometime in one of my videos or email me by clicking the button below.

1927 Model T Streetrod

About My Lifestyle

Ok, now on to my lifestyle choices, so if you want even more personal information about me, read on.  First off is I'm currently 60 in 2021 & happily married to my wife Carla, and who is an amazing woman.  She's always there for me, is very easy to get along with, makes me very happy, and does her best to take good care of us, while always supporting my endeavors, even if she's baffled by them.  And she laughs at my silly humor, which is a bonus, lol.


One of the most common questions I get on YouTube is 'Why are you barefoot' and 'Why are you wearing a skirt', so let me address those.

I go barefoot because it's healthy.  Shoes are NOT healthy and the primary benefit is they can protect our feet from injury in certain circumstances.  But most often they aren't needed for that even, if you learn to pay attention to where you walk, which happens when you start going barefoot.  I always liked going barefoot, but only did it occasionally like most people. 


Then in 2008 I started fighting Peripheral Neuropathy which is a nerve condition in my feet which causes intense burning and stinging but only on the balls of my feet.  Cause is unknown, but it was waking me up at night and not letting me sleep.  I began to try going barefoot more since it helped and soon discovered I loved it.  My feet felt better overall and I discovered the health benefits to it. 


As for safety, I've worked barefoot on hundreds of jobs, and never once hurt my feet because I've learned to pay attention to where I walk.  And I mostly work in finished homes so it's safe.  If I'm on a job where it's dangerous, I do wear sandals, and sometimes closed toed shoes, and still, no injuries.  I don't know why everyone is so bothered by barefeet as we don't eat with our feet, I don't put them on your table, you don't eat off the floor, and my feet don't stink, EVER.  And the soles of my feet are no dirtier than the soles of your shoes.  So it's my choice, and if you researched it, you'd find that it's much healthier.  Try this link for more information- Society For Barefoot Living.






As for why I wear a 'skirt', well actually I mostly wear kilts, although yes, I sometimes wear a skirt, more on that in a minute.  I got into kilts in 2015 because my wife and I are naturists and don't feel the need to be ashamed of our own human bodies and don't see any need for clothing, except to keep warm, and sometimes for safety.  So we don't wear any at home, and when it's not banned by silly antiquated laws.  Most of the laws are written to protect those who are offended by nudity, and that's not what our legal system is about.  We totally agree that public indecency should be illegal, but simply being naked is not indecent.  Committing indecent acts, is indecent, so anything sexual, or perverted, should be against the law, but simple nudity shouldn't.  Britain's high courts recently ruled that simple public nudity was not against the law, and they're not having any problems over it. MANY European countries are way more lax about the unclothed human body and they suffer no problems from it, so America needs to mature, and grow up.


So anyway, one day I was thinking, since society forces me to wear clothing in public, what is the least restrictive article of clothing I could wear?  And skirts came to mind, so I tried one of my wifes on, and loved it.  It feels incredibly comfortable, and there was NO binding in the crotch.  Plus it was cooler, airy, and almost like having nothing at all on.  But I knew that wearing a skirt in public would draw too much attention and maybe cause me to have to deal with idiots who might want to insult me, etc, so I then thought, Kilts.  The kilts in the picture to the left is one of the first I bought, and I loved it.  Now I own about 8-12 of them in a lot of styles and work in them 99% of the time.  But, in public, I sometimes just wear a simple black skirt or something like that, as I no longer care what others think about how I live MY LIFE.  I mean, really, clothing does NOT make the person, what's in their heart and soul, and how they treat their fellow man is what makes a person good or bad.  And I do a Lot to help my fellow man, including the free videos I put out and all the millions of comments I've answered.

Our Society needs to grow up.


I'm basically a freethinker and believe in accepting others just as they are, as long as they aren't hurting me.  I don't judge others for their lifestyle choices, so why do some of you?  I accept you whether you are gay, straight, bi, Transgender, black, white, purple, tattoo'd all over, naked, clothed, muslim, poor, rich, Republican or Democrat etc.  NONE of that matters, what matters is who you are as a person and how you treat others.  

Well, that's it about me, so if you want to know more, feel free to ask me via email me by clicking the button below.

Blue toes and kilt on That Kilted

Oh, yeah, I get asked why I paint my toes sometimes, and the short answer is, because I can.  I just like it sometimes like some of you like tats, piercings, leathers or makeup.  It's fun, it's not hurting anyone and I'm really not worried about those of you who are judgemental and think I'm weird.  Yes, I'm weird, and proud of it because it means I'm not afraid to live my life my way.  Try not caring what society thinks about how you live and you'll love it as it's the only way to truly live.

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