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Need Advice?

Tackling your own DIY projects can range from easy, to 'What was I thinking', but I'm here to help.  There's several options available to you, depending on which end of the spectrum you are on.


  Unfortunately, running this video business is very time consuming, so I can only answer the simplest of questions on my YouTube channel, or in emails.  I want to help you, but time is limited so I can't help everyone.

But don't fret.  I have some options for you below. 

If you just have a simple question about a video subject I've done, feel free to ask it on one of my videos.  I can't promise how quickly I'll get an answer for you, but I do try to answer all simple questions that way, usually the same day

However, if you have a question that may require me to look at photos, or go back and forth via email, text, etc, then consider one of the options below.  I give priority response to my Patreon support members.

project consulting services


   Easy Peasey   

$50 Level

If you're question is a little more involved than an easy quick question about one of my video subjects, this is the choice for you. 


This can apply to the simplest questions, to those that are slightly more involved.  You choose if this applies to you and you feel the fee is right for your question.  I can only give one 5-10 minute reply to your email at this level, and ONLY Via Email, no video.  


To get help at this level, I can help you with these simpler questions for $50.00 consulting fee.  You can pay via paypal using the button below.

Click below to Pay via Paypal

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   I ALMOST Had it   

$80 Level

You took the leap and tackled a project that looked pretty easy, or maybe a little challenging, and.... now you're stumped, or just a wee bit in over your head.  This is the consultation choice for you.

If you need this much help, you can click the Paypal button below, and for an $80.00 consulting fee, I can help answer your questions at this level.

This level gets you help via up to 2 emails, sent from myself.  You can also ask up to 8 questions.  Note: each time you ask something like, 'which mud should I use', What tool do I need', etc, that is ONE question each.


 If it goes over that, you'll need to upgrade to the next level. (We can do that via a paypal request if the emails required is going to go over the 2 email limit.  You'll only be billed for the difference between level 2 and 3.

Click Buy Now button to pay the $80.00 consulting fee via Paypal

Click below to Pay via Paypal

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 *%#@  HELP!!!  

$150 Level

OHH BOY.  What was I thinking.  I tried, I really did, but I think I'm in over my head.  Help me Guy!

Ok, don't panic, I will do the best I can to help you.  To get started, you can purchase this service using the button below.

Then contact me with your issues and we'll do the best we can. 


At this level, you can send me pictures, videos and at this level we can do a short phone call with or without video, for up to 20 minutes.  This may take a few days to schedule.

Doing this gets you up to 6 emails back and forth. If you need more than this, contact me via the contact form and we can discuss the fee and you can decide if that works for you before committing to it.

Click below to Pay via Paypal

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