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One of the toughest parts of starting a new renovation or remodel is finding a qualified contractor that you can trust, who will deliver quality work, within your budget and on time.  


This guide can help you with that difficult and important decision.  On larger jobs a mistake here could cost you THOUSANDS of dollars, and cause you an incredible amount of grief.  So don't take this important decision lightly.

To claim your free, no obligation guide, just click on the book image shown.

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To help you with this choice, I'm going to cover things in this e-book like-

How to Research Contractors

Researching Contractors Licenses

Communication & Responsiveness

Getting a thorough & Professiional Estimates

Getting a thorough and Professional Contract

What to make of initial impressions

All about High & Low Bids

Liability Insurance

Handyman or Contractor? 

What can happen if you don't choose wisely?

How to make sure you get what you want

and more

The Most Important Decision You'll Make

A remodel project can be a major undertaking, or a fairly minor one. But even a minor remodel project can turn into an ugly nightmare if you choose the wrong contractor.  Fortunately, there's a lot of qualified contractors out there with solid business integrity, but there's far too many shady, fly by night contractors as well.  So I'm going to help you with making the right choice.

Remodel projects often involve a lot of planning and thinking.  You have to decide on just what you are wanting to accomplish, how much you can afford, what materials to use, colors, price range & so much more.  It can get a bit overwhelming, but with a good contractor, they can provide you with a lot of helpful guidance on your project.  So don't neglect this one, very important step when starting your project.

Research, research, research.  I stress this in my guide because it's one of the most important ways to find a good contractor.  There's many ways to research them, and some pitfalls to be aware of when doing so.  

Don't rely on just one research tool, but instead incorporate several.  I'll show you how to go about this important step.

'Sure, I can handle all that for you, I've been doing this for 20 years'.   I hear statements like that all the time, and often it means that 20 years ago I helped my uncle Ed hang drywall in his garage, and I've messed with it ever since.  Or, I've been in construction for 20 years, but I've been a tile guy, or a roofer most of that time.  They often fail to clarify their experience, so I'll help you know what to ask when interviewing a contractor.

Learn how to get a professional, detailed contract.  Learn what you need to ensure is included in the contract.  You even need to make sure you include what they are Not to do, and why that matters.  I'll give you pointers on payment terms, detailing a completion date, when they'll start, who cleans up and so much more.

To get your free guide, just sign up Above by clicking the ebook image.  There's no charge, no credit card required and no obligation.  

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