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How to Choose Drywall Mudding Tools

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

If you aren't a drywall pro, and maybe if you are, deciding what finishing tools you need can be confusing and even frustrating.  Do you need special tools to finish a

drywall butt joint, or a recessed joint?  What tools work best for finishing drywall corner bead?  You may call them spackle knives, putty knives etc, but in the end, it can be confusing. There's so many choices, and honestly, a lot of gimmicks.   As a homeowner, or novice, it's easy to not know where to start.  There's a lot to think about like-

  • What size of mud knives do you need?

  • Blue steel or Stainless blades?

  • Curved handle or straight?

  • Plastic or metal mud pan?

  • Hawk and trowel or pan and knife?

  • What types of mixers do you need?

  • What size drill is needed to mix the mud?

  • Can you mix mud by hand?

  • Do you really need to mix mud or can you use it straight?

  • What's the best type of sander?

  • What's the minimum tools you need as a novice

I see the confusion everyday in questions on my Youtube Channel, so I decided to write a book to help everyone with it. Currently, I am working on finishing this for final release. Hopefully it will come out in roughly in August of 2023 so be sure to SUBSCRIBE from our home page if you want to be notified of the release.

Here's some sample pages from the current version.

I'll answer many of your questions in my latest video below. Then, when you decide on the tools you want, check out our all new Amazon Influencer Store where I've created lists just for drywall finishing tools, hanging tools, and more.  Plus I added notes to many of the items to let you know how important it is to own that tool, and other tips and pointers to make it easier for you to choose.

And I'll show a few advanced tools as well.

We have many items in our Amazon store including items like this Nest Thermostat.

Here's that video for you-

If you watched the video, you'll see that there's only so much I can help you in a short video, that's why I am writing the ebook above. I'll be able to help you choose wisely, much better than I can in a video. But I hope this information has helped you understand mudding tools a little better and how to learn much more.


Thank You

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Guy Purcella
Guy Purcella
27 mrt. 2019

Hey thanks for the comment. I think if we ever stop learning it’s because of our egos. And yes it is funny when someone gets near me on a ladder, although, I had a female homeowner handing me a light while I reinstalled it in the stairway one time and she stood there and helped me the whole time, LOL.


Love the very helpful videos. I'm always looking to see if someone has come up with a better way to skin a rabbit. Jack of all trades and master beer drinker and a pretty damned good handyman. It's alway a good idea to learn new and old tricks from someone that's already made the mistakes and willing to teach others. Thanks for the time you spend on doing so.

Also I would like to mention that my good friend and partner handyman wears a kilt. Its kinda funny when we have to be on ladders and someone walks near his ladder....LOL

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