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Here's my Recommendations for Tools & Materials

As a Pro, I've spent a fortune on tools & materials since I bought my first tools in 1977, and have found many of them to be poorly made, not really useful, etc.  You don't have to waste your money like that.  I'll list a selection of tools below and I'll try to break them down by categories to help you choose the tools that will be right for you. 


Note: I'll only list the most common items here but there's many more that might be helpful to you.  If you want a much more detailed explanation of these items and many more, be watching for my new Ebook coming out soon that will explain all the terminology, tool descriptions and what they are used for, tool suggestions, material descriptions and much more.  I expect this to be about 100+ pages.  If you haven't signed up for my email list, be sure to do that so you get notified of the release date for the ebook.

Note that I do make between 3-5% on the affiliate links below, but I only recommend items I believe in.

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Level5 logo 1.png
Level5 big set of hand tools stainless.jpeg

I'm an affiliate for Level5 tools, but I also believe they are the best tools out there. For 10% OFF these tools, enter the code KILTEDGUY10 when checking out.  NOTE: you need to order these online to get the discount, and to ensure we get credit.  Or if you call, be sure they credit That Kilted Guy and ask for the discount using my code.

🟢 If you just want to choose your own tools, here's the entire line of Level5 Drywall Tools-

🟢 Skim coating blades are AMAZING, and can be very helpful for novices to float out a wide repair.  Here's a 24" Metal Skim coating blade (Plus other sizes) -

⏩ - To see one in action watch the videos in this playlist -

🟢 For a Basic Set of Pans and knives -

🟢 For an advanced Mud pan and knife set-

🟢 If you have a pan, here's a set of 3 wide finish knives -

🟢 To mix your mud you need a mud mixer but the one you need depends on how often you'll use it.  For pros and those who mix up more than 2-4 buckets a month, go with this one like mine -  I'll give you some mixing drill choices below.

🟢 If you only occasionally mix drywall mud, or you only have a cordless drill, Check out the Tape Buddy Mixit tool-

🟢 For a Hawk & Trowel Set-

🟢 For Full sets of Automatic Taping Tools-

☑️ Miscellaneous Drywall Mudding Tools

🟢 The best paint extension pole 2-4' (for the sander above too)-

🟢 Affordable Texture sprayer hopper that I USE -

🟢 The BEST Knockdown Knife -

🟢 Rubber Skimming blade mentioned in other videos -

🟢 The Dewalt Mud Mixing Drill I use (super tough)

🟢 A more affordable, but strong Mixing Drill (I haven't tried it but the reviews and specs look good)

🟢 Mesh Tape dispenser (optional) -

🟢 Drywall Taping Banjo -

🟢 For our full drywall tools store-

☑️ Drywall Sanders

If you haven't watched my video on drywall sanders, check it out HERE

🟢 9" Circular drywall Sander, great for beginners or pros alike- (You'll need a pole like the one below)

🟢 The best paint extension pole 2-4' (for the sander above too)-

🟢 Drywall Rectangular Super Sander (All Pros use this one) -

🟢 Triangle Sander-

🟢 New Wen Powered Vacuum assisted Drywall Sander-

🟢 Black Widow Sander- 🟢 Cordless 9" Vacuum Sander - 🟢 Hand Sander -

☑️ TapeBuddy Tools

For those of you who don't do this often, these tools are simpler to use, although the tapebuddy is slower.

🟢 TapeBuddy simple taping tool -

🟢 Mixit Paddle -

🟢 TapeBuddy Taper, mixer and bucket scoop-

☑️ Miscellaneous Tools

🟢 The BEST Stud Finder I've Ever used-

🟢 A nice hard case for the stud finder -

🟢 The best paint extension pole 2-4' (for the sander above too)-

🟢 A quiet compressor for the texture hopper -

You may be able to use a smaller compressor, but will have to let it catch up more often if spraying larger sections


☑️ Miscellaneous supplies

🟢 Guardz torn paper sealer. Stops Torn Brown Paper from bubbling -

(spray shellac also works, but stinks and is flammable)

🟢 Drywall Mesh tape -

(be sure you only bed it with Fast Setting Mud, aka Hot Mud)

☑️ My Camera Gear

🟢 Sony A6400 Camera. (I have 3 they are so good)-

🟢 My Wireless Lav mics, AWESOME mics-

🟢 GoPro Hero 9 -

☑️ Mosquito be goners

If you haven't seen my video on Mosquito control watch THIS PLAYLIST

🟢Mosquito bits -

🟢Mosquito dunks -

🟢5 Gallon Buckets - If you still want to add another layer of protection, I recommend this item which I used when I lived on 20 acres. It kills them by luring them into a fan, where they slowly die. It works really well, and doesn't require propane, etc.

🟢 Bug killing fan-

🟢For other mosquito repellants, etc, -

🟢 Diatomaceous Earth is an all natural, safe way to kill fleas, cockroaches and more-

Misc Mudding Tools
Drywal Sanders
TapeBuddy Tools
Misc Tools
Misc Supplies
My Camera gear
Pest control
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