Guide to Choosing Drywall

Tools & Supplies


Whether you are a total beginner at drywall mudding & hanging, or you're an apprentice trying to build a career as a drywaller, or even a painter or other tradesman, trying to figure out what tools you should invest in is one of the most confusing yet important questions to ask.  One of the most common questions I get on my YouTube videos is what materials am I using, and what tools.  So I wanted to put together a guide that will help you pick out the best tool choices for your needs.


When starting out doing your own drywall repairs and mudding, the choices can certainly be overwhelming.  I mean, walk through the nearest big box store and there's so many choices that you may not have a clue where to start, right?  It can make your head spin if you don’t know what you need.

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If you haven't been trained in this, it can be pretty confusing to decide what tools you need.  There are so many questions you may have such as-


A)           What's the difference is between the more expensive tools and the cheap ones. 

B)           What does each tool do?

C)           Why are there so many sizes of knives

D)           What's the difference between stainless and carbon steel?

E)           And what are the minimum tools you can get by with and still do a good job? 

F)           Or, can some tools do more than one job, saving your money? 


I'll explain the different materials you can use and show you ways to save money on materials.  I'll also show you which materials and tools to stay away from. 

You'll get a complete tool guide with descriptions, photos and more.

Stainless Steel or Blue Steel?  Are plastic pans and knives any good?  What is hot mud used for?  What is durabond? What tools do you use for hanging drywall?

I'm creating lists of tools you need for basic repairs, more advanced repairs and to do this as a living.

I am putting together a complete Terminology section defining many of the common drywall terms. 


I'll answer these, and many other questions.

And, if you still have questions after reading my guide, I'll be available by email to answer those questions.

This guide will save most of you money.  I own so many tools I wish I'd never bought, and this guide will save you from buying as many tools you didn't really need.  You'll save the cost of this book quickly by buying only the tools and supplies you need.

For example, I recently had a customer tell me he tried to use 5 minute hot mud to do a repair, and it set up so fast he barely got it out of the pan, so he wasted his money on that bag of mud, plus his time.  I will steer you away from things like this.  But I can understand his confusion as guys like myself on YouTube, we use 5 minute mud a lot.  But novices should NEVER use it, and I'll explain why.

This guide is about 30% complete.  Be sure to subscribe to my email list and I'll notify you when it's available for purchase.

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