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I often say "see the description for a link to this item.  I also list my suggestions on my website.  Just click the tab below to be taken to my suggestions page.  There I'll list all the common tools and materials I talk about in my videos and all items will be clickable links.  If you are looking for eBooks training material, there's a link for that also.

Drywall repairs, mudding and drywall texture
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If you are interested in our upcoming Drywall Courses through our Brand New Drywall Academy, (and general home improvement courses), sign up Below.  By signing up you'll get a notice each time we release a new course, ebook or other helpful information, AND, I'll send out discount offers for these courses each time I release them.   

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Ready To Improve Your Drywall Mudding Skills?
Book about Improving your drywall mudding skills

* Did you know that Mesh Tape Should NEVER be used with regular All Purpose Joint Compound?
* Did you know that putting fast setting joint compound on to thin can cause it to FAIL?
* How thick should your drywall mud be? I'll explain that as well.
* Why you shouldn't use drywall mud straight out of the box.
* Should you mix your drywall mud before using, and how much?
* Have you ever struggled with spreading drywall mud? I'll give you pointers and tips on the proper angle to hold the knife, how much pressure to use, which mud to use, and more.
* Do you wish you could sand your mudding a LOT less, I'll give you tips to help with that.
* If you wonder if some of the 'gimmicks' will help you, I'll tell you how to decide whether they are worth it
* Learn how to ensure you hire a drywall contractor that will do a quality job for you with minimal frustration.
* Learn what to look for when someone else is hanging your drywall. Hanging drywall is not as easy as it sounds.

This eBook is an easy read. I'll also include some helpful links in the guide to my Amazon store, tools, relevant videos etc. And you'll get a glossary of terms so you understand the basic Drywall terminology.

Check out our Online Store

For Ebooks & Merch, Click any Book to View it in our store

All about drywall tools and materials
How to spray a drywall knockdown texture book
Improve your drywall mudding skills book
How to hire a contractor book


24 Grit drywall sanding discs

We will be adding more all the time, so check back often

Our Amazon Store

Find tools and materials in my Amazon store.  These are all items I handpicked and items I feel would work well for Novices or Pros.

If you would like specific tool lists for getting started, advancing your knowledge etc, I'll be releasing my ebook soon which will give you all that.  I may also put a link on my website soon with lists like that.  Be sure to SUBSCRIBE

Amazon drywall tool store
Level5 logo

These are the tools I use.  I do earn a small commission but that's not why I recommend them.  I chose this line of tools because of the quality. 

AND, you will get 10% OFF by using the links below and then entering the discount code below

📣 For 10% OFF, enter the code KILTEDGUY10

Level5 ultimate automatic taping tool set
Level5 hawk and trowel set for drywall
Level 5 large starter set of drywall pans and knives
Level5 skim coating blade set
Level5 drywall mud mixer

This is just a sample of the tools available.  Click on any image to view more

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We will be adding more all the time, so check back often

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