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Help me Earn More than Minimum Wage?

I bet most of you don't know how much work & money it has taken to get to where our channel is now.  If you want to know, how I've earned less than minimum wage doing this, read on.

I started this channel in January of 2016 and that 1st year I only put out about 7 videos because I struggled with this whole Youtube thing a LOT.  Mostly because I didn't realize how powerful of a computer you need to edit your videos, and because of just learning the whole process of shooting videos.  You don't know how many videos I shot, but never used due to lousy sound, lousy video, cameras shutting off and not knowing it, etc.  Then my computer froze all the time so I finally bout a $1,700 computer that was a bit older, but was still pretty powerful.  But it still struggled and found me a lot.  So a few years later I tried an Imac but I've been a windows user for so long I struggled with the whole way it worked, and it was older too so still not strong enough.  So about 3 years ago I took out a loan and bought the parts and pieces to build my own. I used what I could from an old computer and when it was done I had the equivalent of a $3,000 computer.  I know, because I basically copied one online that cost that much.  Then last year I bought a 49" monitor as my eyesight isn't good enough for a laptop and it made it much easier.

But there's more.  I started working about 20 hours a week on Youtube in 2017 while still working my Drywall Repair business about 50 hours a week (including vehicle & tool maintenance, tool cleanup at home, bids, etc).  Then in 2018 I ramped it up and was working about 100 hours a week on both for a few months when I got a virus in my inner ear that destroyed 40% of the nerves in there.  That gave me permanent vertigo that hospitalized me for 4 days and after 18 months my brain had adapted enough and I got back to climbing ladders carefully.  Anyway, for about 3+ years I've been working this business full time on top of other drywall work.  Even when I'm watching TV I'm responding to your comments, creating community tab posts, promoting videos, writing ebooks, etc.  Other times I'm setting up the studio, cameras, etc.

Then there's the costs.  I told you about the computer (not including an $1,800 laptop for mobile editing) but not things like all the camera gear etc.  I started out with cheap lights, cheaper Nikon cameras, Mics etc.  But over time I've upgraded all of them at least 3 times.  I now own several gopros, 3 expensive DSL cameras, wireless mics, better lighting etc.  

But wait, you YouTubers make a lot of money don't you?  Well, that's my plan but I knew without question it would take a few years.  So here's my income breakdown (including all related income).  In 2016 I made about $115.  2017 I made $1,000, 2018-$4,000, 2019-$18,500, 2020-$42,300 .  So you can see that for the first 5 years I made a total of $66,000 and had around $20,000 in expenses.  I worked around 7,800 hours (52 weeks x 5 yrs x 30/hrs a week avg) working to earn that for a whopping hourly wage of roughly $5.90/hour after expenses. 


So your support is GREATLY appreciated and will help ensure I can continue to put these videos out for you. And yes, I earn more than minimum wage now, but not if you average in the last 6 years.

How can you help?

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Thank you, Guy

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These are the tools I use.  I do earn a small commission but that's not why I recommend them.  I chose this line of tools because of the quality. 

AND, you will get 10% OFF by using the links below and then entering the discount code below

📣 For 10% OFF, enter the code KILTEDGUY10

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This is just a sample of the tools available.  Click on any image to view more

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If you're doing your own Home Improvement tasks and want to 'Do it Right' then you've found the right place to learn.  I'm here to help you and want to pass on my 30 years of construction knowledge to you. It's my goal to help you tackle your own projects the right way, while saving money too.

If you want to know even more about me, like my previous businesses, the book I wrote, my military experience, my hobbies, lifestyle choice, why I wear kilts and go barefoot, etc, then just click the icon below.



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