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How To Quickly Improve Your Drywall Mudding Skills


As a 37 year Drywall Pro, I've seen homeowners and novices make so many mistakes when doing their own drywall, and even when hiring the work out.  I wrote this DIGITAL eBook to help you avoid those issues and you will save much more than the price of this 33 page eBook.  I'll walk you through mistakes novices often make when doing their own drywall, & explain the proper way to do it.  I’ll explain the pitfalls to look out for when hiring someone else to do it and more.  

Drywall mudding skills ebook

Here's a sample of what you'll learn-

* Did you know that Mesh Tape Should NEVER be used with regular All Purpose Joint Compound?  

* Did you know that putting fast setting joint compound on to thin can cause it to FAIL?  

* How thick should your drywall mud be?  I'll explain that as well.

* Why you shouldn't use drywall mud straight out of the box. 

* Should you mix your drywall mud before using, and how much?

* Have you ever struggled with spreading drywall mud?  I'll give you pointers and tips on the proper angle to hold the knife, how much pressure to use, which mud to use, and more.

* Do you wish you could sand your mudding a LOT less, I'll give you tips to help with that.

*  If you wonder if some of the 'gimmicks' will help you, I'll tell you how to decide whether they are worth it

* Learn how to ensure you hire a drywall contractor that will do a quality job for you with minimal frustration.

* Learn what to look for when someone else is hanging your drywall.  Hanging drywall is not as easy as it sounds.

This eBook is an easy read.  I'll also include some helpful links in the guide to my Amazon store, tools, relevant videos etc.  And you'll get a glossary of terms so you understand the basic Drywall terminology. 

I have many videos out that can help you and will include a link to my channel in this guide.

This Digital ebook is 33 pages and after you complete the purchase, you'll be able to download it. This is not a physical product.

Satisfaction gauranteed.  If you aren't happy with this, write me and tell me why.  I'll refund your purchase of one item if you aren't happy with it.

We have 4 types of training.  Some are available now, some are in the works.  You can click on a category below to learn more.​

The 1st category is our TRAINING COURSES below. Click to learn more.

The 2nd category will be our YOUTUBE VIDEOS. I will categorize them by type, such as Drywall Repairs, Drywall Textures, etc.  Click above and you'll see a playlist of these videos.

The 3rd category is our BLOG POSTS & ARTICLES.  I'll post educational and informational posts here, so if you prefer to read to learn, this is a good place to visit.

The 4th category is our EBOOKS & GUIDES.

All this is in development right now, so it's best if you sign up for our email list and that way once a course is ready, you will be notified by email.

Training Courses
Coming soon_edited.jpg

We are currently working to put these together but these will be more of an in depth online training course.  These courses will range from easy to learn for novices to in depth for those wanting to make a living at this.  Scroll down to see some of the upcoming titles.

We are in the process of putting together several extensive training courses unlike anything offered anywhere.  These courses will be geared towards those wanting to further their drywall skills.  Courses will be designed for everyone from beginner to journeyman and will teach various aspects of the drywall trades. Courses will include videos (many are for course members only), ebooks, coaching etc.


Below are some of the planned courses. (Click on the Subscribe Button to sign up for our email list to be notified when new courses and ebooks are released)

Why our Training Courses VS our Free YouTube Videos?

Why should you consider taking our courses instead of just watching our YouTube Videos?  There's actually many benefits to taking our courses.

  1. Easy Structured Ebook and Video learning - When you watch a youtube video teaching something like how to tape and finish drywall, do you always get it in one shot, or do you sometimes have to come back and watch again, especially if you do the same task 6 months apart?  I watch a lot of videos to learn video editing but there's many tasks I only do once every 3-4 months, like 'Multi Camera Editing' and honestly, each and every time I go to do it, I have to go find a video on how to do it again, and almost every time I find a different creator who does is different and it's confusing.  OR I try to find that one video I watched before and I might find 4 different ones from the same creator, or I can't find that one at all.  I will simply this by providing you with an EBook with all the training materials in it in typed form, BUT with links to the relevant videos you need to watch.  AND, the Training Ebook will have clickable chapters that you can simply click on to go immediately to that section.  That way you can come back at any time and fine the EXACT SAME teaching materials you found the 1st time, eliminating that confusion.

  2. OverSimplification - When trying to learn basic to advanced drywall skills on YouTube, most of the videos you'll find, including many of mine, are abbreviated.  What this means is we keep our videos under 20 minutes long, and often much less than that as viewers often click away from longer videos.  But MANY times, we need longer to fully explain the techniques, materials, and reasoning behind what we do.  Without this, you may feel got enough to do the job, but if you job is slightly different, understanding the process in full will help you know how to adapt to each job.

  3. Lacking additional needed training - Lets say you are going to repair a hole in your ceiling.  You need to understand the difference between hot mud and regular mud (joint compound), and the difference between the many types of regular mud.  There's many types of Hot Mud, and many many types of joint compound, but we often don't have time to explain all this in each video. The one you need may be totally different from the one in our video, and without a full understanding of the various types of drywall mud, their uses, advantages and disadvantages, etc, you may use the wrong one.  You also may be confused about things like joint tape, how to handle repairs on painted walls vs unpainted, etc.  And we don't teach this each time because many of our viewers would complain about us always repeating ourselves.  With our courses, you'll be taught each subject once, and will seldom hear it repeated.

  4. Avoiding the pleasantries - What I mean by this is most all YouTube Creators start their videos off with things like, 'Hey, welcome to my channel here at That Kilted Guy Videos' and 'Be sure to subscribe to my channel and hit that ....'.  Or we end it with similar statements so about 10-20% of our videos are us repeating things you may have already heard on another video.  Another example is I often show how to hold your knives, which ones do what, how much pressure, which mud to use, etc.  With this course, you'll only hear it once.  And if you need to hear it again, you can click on a chapter title and be taken right to that section.  I plan to have an index of terms you can also click on to view important instances of that term.

  5. Confusing Information - Learning on Youtube is kind of like taking an art class in college, with a different teacher each day.  The 1st day your teacher has you painting in watercolor, but the next day your teacher thinks watercolor is a poor way to paint and tells you oil painting is the best.  The 3rd day your teacher tells you that oil painting is fine, but doesn't like the brushes your 1st teacher told you to buy.  So what I mean is you will search for a particular subject like lets say 'How to remove popcorn ceilings' and you'll find hundreds of videos.  If you watch videos from 4 of us, it's likely we all do it slightly different, and some will tell you that there way is the only way, leading to confusion.  Or one Creator will show you how they do it but tell you nothing about Asbestos, or what to do afterwards.  You end up getting bits and pieces of a puzzle, but all from different puzzle boxes.  And honestly, there's often more than one way to do many things so learning everything from one creator makes more sense.   

  6. Not getting everything from one YouTube Creator - Ok, lets face it, no Youtube creator has covered every single subject about drywall on Youtube.  So you may find a Channel called 'Joes superb handyman skills' and he teaches drywall finishing.  But after watching you find out he has only gotten out videos on Drywall taping recessed joints with mesh tape, Coating the joints with drywall knives, and repairing a crack.  But you also want to know how to Tape Butt Joints, inside angles, how to fix nail holes, etc.  So you go find another video, but this guy swears that mesh tape will fail, or that the ONLY way to do it right is with a Hawk and Trowel. You can get very confused learning this way.  I will try to talk about ALL the different ways of doing things and explain why I feel the method I'm teaching you is best for you.  But I'll also tell you when you might want to try another way and depending on the course level, I may even teach you more than one way.

  7. Complete training - My course will be designed to teach you all about drywall from A-Z.  But, you can easily skip past the sections you may already understand by simply clicking on a chapter.

  8. Learn at your own pace - With this course you don't have to finish anything at any pace. You can learn as fast, or as slow as you want since you can always come back to where you left off.  Try that on Youtube.

  9. Learn while you work - With our Ebook driven course you can download the ebook to your mobile device and take it with you to your work area.  Then you can access the Ebook Index and skip to the exact section for what you are working on, and watch and learn right there on the spot.  You can easily read the Ebook, then click on the links to watch the video, and go back and forth as needed.

  10. Easy to understand which tools you need- Each time I teach a skill, I'll also list in the Ebook the tools you need for this job and any alternatives that will work also.  This way if you don't have a certain tool that's necessary, you can click the link in the Ebook and it will take you directly to where you can buy it on the internet, or you can use that information to go buy it locally.

NOTE: this page is still under construction.  I'm typing this information daily and may have some duplicate information above.  I'll continue to refine it daily and try to eliminate any duplicate information.  Thanks, Guy

Novice Drywall Finishing Skills Course

This course will be geared towards those with little to no experience with doing small drywall repairs.  We will teach basic skills such as:

  1. What is Drywall

  2. How Drywall is made

  3. Advantages and disadvantages of drywall

  4. How drywall compares to plaster

  5. Understanding drywall terminology

  6. Tool selection and understanding

  7. Tool lists with links for Novices

  8. Understanding materials such as drywall Joint Compound, joint tapes & which ones you need and don't need

  9. How to properly hold your tools

  10. Basic mudding and finishing skills

  11. How to repair common simple drywall damage around the house.  This will include complete training on how to do things like-

  • Repair popped nails and screws

  • Repair Nail holes, anchor bolt holes and other small damage

  • Repair smaller holes around 2-12"

  • Repair cracked cornerbead

  • Spray texture, with simplified texture matching skills taught

  • Priming and painting of repairs

More details coming soon.  Click the button below to sign up for our email list to be kept up to date on the progress of these courses.

Coming soon_edited.jpg

Intermediate Drywall Finishing Course

If you already have a basic grasp on drywall finishing skills, but want to further your skills, this may be the course for you.  Purchasing this course also will give you access to the Novice course above as their will likely be skills in that course that will help you in addition to what we teach here.

This course will teach skills such as-

Advanced knowledge of tools and materials

Advanced tool handling techniques

Advanced drywall repair techniques such as ceiling repairs, large crack repair, 

How to identify & match 20+ textures

Advanced skim coating techniques

Average costs for repairs with cost of living adjustment charts for many areas of the US

More details coming soon (it's 5 am and I've been up for hours putting this together, lol)

Coming soon_edited.jpg
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