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We have 3 types of training.  Some are available now, some are in the works.  You can click on a category below to learn more.

The 1st category is our Youtube videos.  I will categorize them by type, such as Drywall Repairs, Drywall Textures, etc.  Once you click on that, you will see a playlist of these videos, but also each video listed separately.

The next category is our blog posts.  I'll post educational and informational posts here, so if you prefer to read to learn, this is a good place to visit.

The 3rd category will be training courses.  These will take me some time to put together but will be more of an in depth online training course.  You will have to watch some videos, as well as read some.  And there may even be some homework, lol.  You might need to go practice some of the techniques before moving on to the next course.  The intensity will vary from mild for homeowner courses to in depth for those wanting to make a living at this.

All this is in development right now, so it's best if you sign up for our email list and that way once a course is ready, you will be notified by email.

NOTE: Much more information will be added asap.  We just launched this page on 3.16.19 to give you a place to sign up for information.  Come back to this page in a few days to read more about the courses we will be offering.  UPDATE: Due to health issues, this is taking longer than I hoped, but I still plan on putting these course together.  Thanks, Guy Purcella







We are in the process of putting together several extensive training courses unlike anything offered anywhere.  These courses will be geared towards those wanting to further their drywall skills.  Courses will be designed for everyone from beginner to journeyman and will teach various aspects of the drywall trades.  Here's some of the planned courses.

Homeowner Skills improvement course

This course will be geared towards those with little to no experience with doing small drywall repairs.  We will teach basic skills such as:

  1. Tool selection and understanding

  2. Understanding materials such as drywall mud, joint tapes, etc.

  3. Basic mudding and finishing skills

  4. How to repair common simple drywall damage around the house.  This will include complete training on how to do things like-

  • Repair popped nails and screws

  • Repair Nail holes, anchor bolt holes and other small damage

  • Repair smaller holes around 2-12"

  • Repair cracked cornerbead
  • Spray texture, with simplified texture matching skills taught
  • Priming and painting of repairs

More details coming soon.  Click the button below to sign up for our email list to be kept up to date on the progress of these courses.


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